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We empower storytellers and journalists who inform our communities and enrich our culture

A film that inspires social change. An article that influences global debate. A podcast that illuminates current events. A musical that ignites interest in American history.

Our culture is shaped by storytellers and journalists. Media, when used as a force for good, can open minds, increase civic engagement, and strengthen our democracy.

The media industry today is moving through a period of profound transformation. New forces in Hollywood have upended the entertainment business. Social media companies have captured a large and growing share of our attention. News organizations are under financial strain at a time when the principle of a free and independent press has come under attack.

Despite the massive changes and challenges, we believe that new models—backed by entrepreneurs committed to excellence, artistry, and diversity—will usher in a new era of important and enduring work. Emerson Collective invests in storytelling and journalism that pushes boundaries, sparks creativity and action, and contributes to a more just society.

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