Encouraging individuals of exceptional talent and creativity to advance bold new projects in education, immigration, the environment, social justice, media, and health.

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Current Fellows

Visionary individuals from across disciplines pursuing bold new projects.

Arekia Bennett

Democracy Cohort

Civil Rights Activist

Envisioning a democracy in Mississippi that works for everyone.

Vanessa Charlot

Democracy Cohort

Documentary Photographer

Shining a light on disenfranchised voters in Florida.

Shari Davis

Democracy Cohort

Participatory Budgeting Advocate

Using the powerful tool of participatory budgeting to invite more people to transform the democratic process.

Valeria Fernández

Democracy Cohort


Training the next generation of journalists to report on and for people of color and immigrants.

Eitan Hersh

Democracy Cohort

Political Scientist

Helping people, no matter their skills or background, find concrete, meaningful ways to contribute to civil society.

Henry Honorof

Democracy Cohort


Using housing and community planning to lay the groundwork for a healthier democracy.


Former Fellows


At Emerson Collective, we believe that individuals have the power to untangle hard problems with ingenuity, to excavate human truths through art, to bring justice to our most calcified systems. We believe that an individual voice can inspire us, unite us, and show us the way forward.

We also believe that such individual innovation requires both support and freedom to flourish — so that individuals can follow their creative instincts, take risks and make big bets, and set off on paths with unknown destinations.

Emerson Collective supports visionary indviduals to pursue such intellectual, creative, and professional ambitions through the Emerson Collective Fellowship. Each Fellow’s work and projects advance the public understanding in Emerson Collective’s priority areas, creating new avenues for progress.

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