Dial Fellowship

Garry Cooper

Helping to reduce waste by building technology that facilitates reuse and refurbishment.

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In today’s linear economy, approximately $630 billion worth of physical workplace resources — from computer monitors, lab equipment, and construction materials, to office furniture — either sit unused, or are needlessly liquidated, or are sent to landfills. Garry Cooper is working to change this, with Rheaply, a software company that empowers enterprise companies, governments, and universities to reduce waste by identifying, tracking and exchanging physical resources across operations, internal departments, or surrounding communities.

Rheaply’s software helps clients — including Northwestern University, Google, and the City of San Francisco — to track assets and keep them in use by buying, selling, trading, donating, or renting them. This unique focus on sustainability is leading a movement to transform the way we approach asset management.

“By making it easy and ordinary to reuse and repair, fewer items will go unused, organizations and individuals will eliminate unnecessary spending, and more people will have access to the resources they need,” Garry says.

With a doctorate in neuroscience and degrees in mathematics and chemistry, Garry publishes frequently in international, peer-reviewed journals. He is also a founding partner and investor at LongJump Ventures, an early-stage investment fund. He is on the faculty at Northwestern University.